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This page is dedicated to all Doyle fans throughout the world who want the 'fits' back together and want Doyle to return...but for now the question no longer remains....

"We found Doyle?"

Finally, has realeased some info concerning the Shred Master. It also seems that his georgous wife's webmiss has contacted your's truly. Hopefully Doyle will contact me to start a fan club on his behalf and run it here from "Horror Inc", otherwise known as my house. In the meantime, click here to read the official memo cancelling the fan club. All you fiends, please pass around this url and let's see if enough of us can get the fits and Doyle together again and make some more great music.

Below is the News of the recent addition to the Frankenstein family as quoted from the official Misfits news source, :


Congratulations Doyle on the birth of baby Boriss!

Congratulations to Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and his bride George on the birth of their new baby girl "Boriss Von Frankenstein"! Boriss, named in honor of the late, great, horror icon Boris Karloff, was born Saturday, August 17th weighing 9 pounds and 9 ounces. For those that have been wondering what the tattoos on Doyle's fingers represent, now you have your answer (see picture at left). The names of the son's of Frankenstein (Louis, Pauly and Isaac) are tattooed on the fingers of his right hand, with a fiend skull and his wife's name tattooed on the left. Doyle reports "My wife and I decided regardless if it was a boy or a girl, the baby's name would be Boris. I was so sure the baby was gonna be a boy that I had "Boris" (with one S) tattooed on my pinky. We were pleasantly surprised by the birth of our first daughter and decided to add and extra "S" to the name, adding a feminine touch." Back in May 2001 Doyle decided to take a break from touring and horror business to spend more quality time with his family. As you can see fiends, he's been keeping busy. Congratulations Doyle!


Now for some content:

These following pictures are good ones I've found of Doyle and the band. They come from all over the web. If I am infringing on anyone's turf, sorry. If you are the owner of a copyrighted picture and want it removed, I will remove it...just ask! I also will post good links and try to keep it current unlike alot of the lame sites that gave up on the greatest band to Walk Among Us! Special thanks to Russ from TV Casualty for the help in trying to track down info on the Master of the Annihilator!


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